Do you know the shortcut to green consumption and green production?Environmental Declaration of Products Scheme supports you to establish environmental-friendly consumption & production system by providing transparently the product’s environmental impacts.

Buyer(Company): Environmental Declaration of Products.EDP is one of the Type Ⅲ Environmental Declaration programs which evaluate natural resources used and environmental pollutants discharged during the life cycle of the product.

Does not this product contain any harmful substances? What about carbon emissions?How much energy does it consume? How much electricity will this product consume? Is it recyclable? Does it emit any harmful substance while using?

Raw material extraction→Manufacturing materials or parts→Manufacturing products→Using the product→Disposal


    Environmental Declaration of Products Scheme provides environmental information of products transparently for the purpose to support the purchase of eco-friendly products and to lead the market-driven environment improvements.


  • The environment information resulted from the life cycle assessment, the environmental assessment tool must be provided.
  • EDP scheme is the voluntary system, not a mandatory system regulated by law.
  • EDP Certified products provide its environment information and this means the product’s environmental reliability is excellent.


  • Feb. 2001. Introduced the nationwide EDP
  • Apr. 2001. KEPA(Korea Environmental Preservation Association) was designated as EDP verifier training organization
  • Jan. 2002. KEITI was designated as LCI DB operational body
  • Jun. 2003. KEITI was registered as full member of GEDnet(Global Environmental Declarations Network)
  • Mar. 2004. KEITI was consigned as EDP target product selection
  • Jan. 2007. KEITI was designated as EDP certification organization
  • Feb. 2009. Introduced Carbon Footprint of Product(CFP) Labeling based on EDP
  • Jun. 2012. Revised the qualification standard of EDP verifiers (Notification 2012-114)
  • Jun. 2013. Established LCI DB on materials, parts and processes (276 items)
  • Jun. 2013. Revised the regulation for EDP certification commission fee (Notification 2013-73)
  • Jul. 2013. Revised the regulation of EDP operation
  • Jul. 2013. Revised the regulation of EDP target product selection and guideline development
  • Jul. 2013. Introduced EDP product category verification system
  • Sep. 2013. Revised the regulation on target product and guideline (Notification 2013-116)